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Today I got to update my skills in #mentalhealth with some wonderful women, facilitated by Tania Gutierrez

I highly recommend you working with Tania in doing this sort of training to help you ask the right questions - mental health is so important, especially at the moment.

Alice Bullivant

Holistic kinesiologist , KinesiAlice

Thankyou for the wonderful MHFA training we completed last Tuesday and Wednesday. I have already used one of the references in the course in my PhD document!

University Student

Sydney PHD Student

Tania is an absolute great trainer. Her compassion and her understanding is transferable in an inspiring manner. She resolved my queries during many sessions leading to better understanding for myself.

Manali Shah

Administrative Support Specialist

Being real and confronted with all possible mental health issues is never easy for me, but I chose to learn about them.

I am truly honoured to have Tania as my teacher and trainer. She is thoughtful and sensitive to our feeling knowing we might not have such experiences beforehand. The session with her was enjoyable, enlightening, helpful, and informative with time for practice. She was able to tackle some difficult areas with care and retained humour where appropriate. Difficult concepts at times were very well explained and illustrated in a very safe environment.

I highly recommend Tania for her knowledge and thought-provoking way of training. I enjoyed the session and 100% appreciative of her effort and kindness. Thank you, Tania.

Eleen Yaw

Yoga Therapist & Coach, Yin Latte Yoga

I have known Tania Gutierrez for many years through various training roles.

During my time as a Training Manager for a large not-for-profit, Tania delivered many Mental Health First Aid® workshops on behalf of the organisation.

She was reliable, enthusiastic, warm and professional, whether training our commercial clients, our volunteers and staff or public participants. This was reflected in the consistently excellent feedback received from Tania’s workshop attendees.

I am happy to recommend Tania for anyone seeking Mental Health First Aid training.

Martin Jess

Self-employed, former Training Manager

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