Interactive Wellness Workshops

Offering a range of online interactive wellness workshops for your organisation or community group. Perfect for staff development days or lunch & learn sessions, to enhance wellbeing and performance of your staff or group members.

Let’s talk Mental Health for Business Owners

This interactive workshop will encourage discussion, provide education and information on these important issues for business owners in the current climate:


Bring along pen and paper. Cameras and audio need to be on during the session so that you and the other participants can get the most out of it.

  • 100% online
  • We all have mental health. Mental health is not static, it fluctuates along a continuum from ill to healthy, from languishing to flourishing.
  • What can we as business owners do to support our own mental health along the continuum and how can we support those who we serve, employ and care about?
  • What behaviours, attitudes and self-care can we model as leaders in our communities?
  • What resources and services are available to help?

Depression and Anxiety Awareness for Business Owners

In this interactive online session we will cover:

    • 100% online
    • The signs and symptoms of depression and anxiety
    • What are the evidence based interventions for depression and anxiety disorders?
    • What types of professionals can help?
    • Resources and information for business owners managing people.
    • Self-care – a brief overview and reflection activity
    Depression and Anxiety Wellness Workshop

    Self-care for Small to Medium Business Owners, an Interactive Workshop

    This interactive workshop will cover the following:

    • 100% online
    • What is self-care?
    • Different domains that we need to balance:
      o Physical
      o Psychological
      o Emotional
      o Spiritual
      o Relationships
      o Workplace
    • What might get in the way?
    • What negative strategies do you need to avoid/reduce?
    • Developing your own individual self-care plan

    Facilitating self-care and other interactive mental health wellness workshops for small-medium business owners. Enquire today for details.